Security Access

Security Profile Setup

The information you have provided on your MPOA application will be used to setup your Security Profile. Your profile and be viewed online by following the steps below. 


Gate Access, Vehicle Barcodes and Guest List

Vehicle Barcodes

Barcodes are for Resident vehicles only. Bring your vehicle to the Security Center on the East Side with your license, vehicle registration and photo ID and an officer will apply the barcodes for easy access into our community. 

For Golf Village residents, please visit the Golf Village Security on the west side to gain gate barcodes. 

Creating a Guest List

Your Guest List should be composed of friends and family members who frequently visit your home. Remember to check your guest list periodically and remove those who no longer should be on your list. 

Adding People to your Guest List

You can manage your guest list online at Once logged in, you may change your username and password. If you are unsure about any of this information, contact the Security Center on 561.747.3024 for Admirals Cove residents, and Golf Village Security at 561.745.2622 for Golf Village residents. You may also add guests to your lists via an automated number on 561.748.9388. 

Any guests, friends or family members who are staying for a short period of time may be issued temporary barcodes. Frequent vendors and service providers must purchase an access card for a fee which enables the driver to gain easy access for entrance. To be issued an access card, vendors must fill out an application and provide a valid driver license along with a form of payment. The access card can only be used by the individual named and pictured on the card. Failure to comply with the rules provided will cause the vendor’s card to be deactivated and they must pay a fine to have the card reinstated.