About the Admirals Cove Master Property Owners Association

The Admirals Cove Master Property Owners Association is responsible for the safety and security of 893 homes. The MPOA Board and Staff continually look for ways to improve the quality of life within our community. Our mission is to serve, protect, enhance, and care for this amazing luxury gated community that you are proud to call home. Homeowner satisfaction with the overall service experience is at the core of our service philosophy and our number one priority. 

Living inside a gated community with a Master Property Owners Association offers privileges, even though it means monthly fees and complying with its many covenants and rules. The obvious benefit to every Homeowner is with increased property values and a structure in place that is well- maintained and offers a beautiful place to live. The MPOA works hard to ensure aesthetic consistency, landscape conformity, and other management practices that offer a cultural uplift and higher standard of living. 

Our MPOA staff is dedicated to every Homeowner by providing a set of MPOA Home Services that offer a suite of services designed to care for your home, community and our navigable waterways. We can work off a standard checklist from years of on-site experience or can easily customize your unique requirements. Our goal is to address those areas important to you. 

Our MPOA Home Minder Services offer you the peace of mind in knowing our on-site experts are taking care of your home. Whether you are here or away, you can trust our team to do a good job in caring and servicing your home. 

Our MPOA Pro-Handyman offers a generalized quick fix-and-repair set of services. Our unique knowledge of Admirals Cove – the Harbor Homes, Villas/Patio Homes and Custom residences – gives us a leg up over outside competition. We are extremely familiar with each home and the nuances associated to any problem that may occur. Because we are on-site, we can get to you in a reasonable timeframe and quickly resolve your problem. Our other complement of services - Elite Concierge, Architectural Design Review (for Home Renovations and New Home Builds), along with a host of other support services - can be viewed in more detail in this Guide. The important thing for you to know, you can call us when you need help with your home. 

MPOA and the Other Community Property Owners Associations

The MPOA manages six different associations within Admirals Cove: the overall Master POA, the Golf Village Master POA, Captains Way, Waterside, Spyglass, and the Nautical Way Condominiums. 

If you own a condominium on Captains Way, Spyglass, Waterside or Nautical Way, you are also a member of that respective association, in addition to the Master POA. If you own a property in Golf Village, you are a member of the Golf Village at Admirals Cove Master Property Owners Association, Inc., which is also managed by the Admirals Cove Master POA. 

Each individual association has its own rules and governing documents. All governing documents can be viewed at www.acmpoa.com. The office will gladly provide you with a hard copy, free of charge. Additional copies may be requested for a fee.