Waterside - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have a BBQ?

Propane grills are not permitted to be stored or used in Waterside.  Charcoal grills are permissible if used according to Palm Beach County Fire Code up to and including using the grill at least ten (10) feet from any residence.  Use of electric ranges, electric grills or similar electric apparatus shall be permitted.  No outside storage of grills on common property is allowed.

How many pets can I have?

Per the Declaration of Condominium of Waterside Section XIV, one dog, up to a maximum full-grown weight of 35 pounds, two cats, fish, and domesticated birds are permissible.

Pets must be properly controlled and leashed at all times, and are not allowed within the pool area.

Can I put up a Satellite Dish?

Yes, with the prior approval of the Waterside Board of Directors.

Palm Trees block my view of the water.  Can I remove them?

Waterside unit owners may submit requests to have trees relocated.  With the approval of the Waterside Board of Directors, and at the sole cost of the unit owner, specific trees may be relocated to a new location within the Waterside Common area that is first mutually agreed upon by all affected parties.

I want to renovate my condo.  Do I need the Waterside Board’s approval?

The Waterside Board has an obligation to protect the rights of all homeowners within Waterside.  Any unit renovation, that would through the normal course of business require prior approval and issuance of a Building Permit from Palm Beach County or the Town of Jupiter, shall also require the prior review and approval of the Waterside Board of Directors. (Declaration of Condominium of Waterside Section XV.B)

Should any improvement require the alteration of common or limited common elements (Expanding Unit into the back screened porch area, modification to a structural component or wall, or replacement of windows), submission of an ADR application, along with the ADR fee, is required to be submitted along with appropriate engineering drawings and supporting documentation.  The ADR Committee will review the application for completeness and compliance to the ACMPOA standards, and then will process the application for Board review.  The Board contracts with an outside Licensed Firm to review the proposed plans.  A proposed alteration of a structural element of the building requires structural engineering drawings, signed and stamped by a licensed Engineer.  Those plans will be recorded as an Exhibit to the Alteration Agreement.  The addition of Sliding Glass Doors on the inside of the screened porch area DOES NOT imply permission to remove the inner Sliding Glass Doors.  Structural Engineering Drawings, along with an Alteration Agreement, are required to be submitted and approved by the Board.

In accordance with the Waterside Declarations Section XX (Declarations), each unit owner, upon acquisition of title to his/her unit, shall automatically become a member of the Admiral's Cove Master Property Owners Association (ACMPOA), and therefore be subject to the ACMPOA Rules and Regulation.  In addition, per Waterside Declarations Section XXI, each unit owner is subject to the ACMPOA ADR.

If you have a contractor that will be doing work at your home they must obtain a Contractors ID card.  You may obtain the application from security.

Can I store my portable generator outside?

Only during a power outage would this be permissible.  Under normal circumstances, however, unit owners are not permitted to store any personal effects in common areas, including portable generators, BBQ’s, lawn furniture, bikes, etc.

Waterside Rules and Regulations #3

Am I required to carry Insurance for my condo?

Unit owners are required to carry an H06 Insurance Policy under the FL State Law 718.111(11) however; there is no enforcement mechanism in the law, if an owner fails to purchase insurance.  In a case where one owner is negligent and his negligence causes damage to another owner, the lack of insurance can make resolution of a claim difficult if not impossible without resorting to litigation.  On March 13, 2012, The Board passed an amendment to its Declaration of Condominium of Waterside which allows The Board to make sure insurance is in place to protect all owners. 

5th Amendment - Declaration of Flood and Homeowner Insurance

Should I turn off my water while I am gone for the summer?

It is strongly recommended that when Owners leave their units for more than 72 hours that they turn the water off at the main curb utility value.  This precaution has shown to greatly reduce the chance of accidental water damage due to leaky or faulty facets, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, ice machines or A/C air handlers.  There have been numerous instances where unit owners did not know that they had a leaky fixture until water damage was discovered by their neighbors.

Who takes care of the flowers in the planter boxes?

The area reserved for ‘annuals’, the limited area in front of the windows, as well as the flowers in the planter boxes, are the responsibility of the unit owner for maintenance and replacement.  The general landscaping in the front and surrounding each unit, as well as the irrigation system, is maintained by Waterside.  This includes the flowers along the patio area facing the water.

I have some drywall damage.  Is that my responsibility to repair?

Drywall damage that is due to normal wear and tear is an owner’s responsibility.  Drywall damage from a casualty event (fire, flood, rainstorm, windstorm, overflow from another unit) is the association’s responsibility.  If the drywall damage is due to the negligence of any owner the association may claim reimbursement from that negligent owner (see question 8). 

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned and A/C looked at?

It is strongly recommended that your dryer vent duct be professionally cleanly annually.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are over 15,500 dryer vent fires every year.  Removing the link from the lint filter is not sufficient.  The dryer vent duct is where lint builds up and can potentially clog, causing poor dryer performance, higher energy costs, and potential fire.  It is also recommended that unit owners take advantage of A/C Vendor contracts that provide twice yearly service.  Check with the POA for vendors who provide this service.

I renovated my condo and now some of my floor tiles are buckling and breaking. Is this my responsibility to repair?

Expansion and contraction of the concrete slab sub-floor can cause floor tile to buckle or ‘tent’. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to repair the tile damage.

I need to turn off my water in a hurry. What do I do?      

First, call the POA so they can send over one of their maintenance personnel.  If the situation is urgent and you want to turn the water off yourself, locate the Condo Water Supply Valve that should be outside your front door, under the landscaping on the garage wall.  There is a shut off valve for the hose, and one for the Condo Water Supply.  Click on the link to the picture and diagram below.


In addition, if you need to turn off the water supply from the street proceed with a wrench to the roadside area in front of the landscaping and identify the green grate covering the Town of Jupiter water supply meters and shut off valves.  It will be the smaller of the two grates.  Inside the concrete well, there should be two sets, one for each unit on your ‘half’ of the building.  When OPEN the valves should be ‘pointing’ to the meters.  To shut off the water supply, use the wrench to turn the valve so that the valve is parallel, or no longer ‘pointing’, to the water meter.  The meter and the valve on the left should be for the unit with the door to your left, and the meter and valve on the right should be for the unit with the door to your right.  When water is flowing through the valve and meter the silver disc at the center of the meter should be twirling.  When the water is shut off, the silver disc should stop spinning.  When the water valve is turned back on, the piping system will take some time to pressurize.  During this time, it is normal for air to sputter out of the house plumbing fixtures. 



Where can I find an easy explanation of my declarations and what I own?

Declarations Explanation Letter